First Family Tree


John Kemsley ( 1445-d.1495).

John Kemsley of Bredhurst, Kent, was born ca.1445. He married Isabella (KAO PRC 32/4 fo.76). They had seven children, John the elder, Robert, Richard (Exor. to his brother William), William, Thomas, John the younger and Margery.

Robert Kemsley (d. 1542).

Robert Kemsley married Alice and they had three children, William, John and Joan.

William Kemsley.

William Kemsley of "Kemsley Street" married Alice (PRC 22/6 fo 36). They had four children, Robert, Adam, William the minor and Elizabeth.

Robert Kemsley.

Robert Kemsley married Margaret Henman (d.1546) in Bredhurst. They had eight children, Thomas (1547), Christopher, John, William (1557) and the four daughters, Joanna (b. & d.1547), Agnes, Elizabeth and Joanna. Robert was a Yeoman and the ‘pater familis of "Kemsley Street"

Thomas Kemsley (b.1547)

Thomas was the first son of Robert and Margaret Kemsley. He married Joan and together they had three children, Robert, William and Adam. The record of his son William is not available but is one of the alternatives to the link between the first family line and Thomas (1699). Thomas’ brother *William (1557), the fourth son, is the most probable alternative.

*William Kemsley (1557-1603)

William Kemsley was born in "Kemsley Street" in 1557. He married Matha Richarde in 1581 and they had twelve children, William (1583), Thomas, Andrew, John and the eight daughters, Jonna, Anne, Susanne, Maria, Elizabeth, Martha, Alice and Margaret. William died in 1603.

William Kemsley (1583).

William was born in 1583 in Bredhurst and married Margery of Kemsley Street. Margery died in 1646. William and Margery had nine children, William (1609), Richard, John, and the daughters Anne Martha, Elizabeth, Margaret, Margery and Joanna.

William Kemsley (1609)

William Kemsley was born in 1609 and married Margaret. They had three children, Bonham (1644), Dorothea and Margaret. William was a Churchwarden until 1640.

Bonham Kemsley (1644-1669)

Bonham Kemsley was born in 1644 and lived in Chatham. He died in 1669.